our standards are high and our prices competitive.

Enjoy your buying experience with a large selection and the flexibility and personal touch of a family business. 


We carry a broad range of domestic meats, including beef, veal, and lamb. We also are proud distributors of  100% grass-fed, all-natural, antibiotic and hormone free meats from Tevya's Ranch.  


We are Pittsburgh's distributor of Empire Kosher poultry, Alle Processing (including Marvid), David Elliot Poultry, and Agri Star. To view the complete Empire product line, click here.


What's a kosher wholesaler without deli? We carry it all - from corned beef, to pastrami, to sausages and franks, we are your one-stop-shop for quality, kosher deli.  


Kosher fish must have both fins and scales. We carry both fresh and frozen - for sushi, retail, food service, or whatever your needs. We also offer a variety of canned tuna and sardines. 


Cholov Yisroel (dairy products supervised from the time of milking) and Cholov Stam (supervised but not from the time of milking) are both offered in hard and soft cheeses, yogurts, and lebens. Non-dairy substitutes are also available. 


Yes, kosher offerings are just as numerous and just as good as non-kosher! We carry everything from ice cream (both dairy and vegan/parve) to baked goods from New York's finest kosher bakeries - in both retail and food service.  


We carry a huge variety of breads, pastries and cakes from New York's best kosher bakeries, including Beigels, Reisman's, Green's, Chantilly, Continental Pastries, and more.  


We have a large selection of grocery products from all of your favorite brands, like Kedem, Gefen, B'gan, Ungers, Liebers, Paskesz, Sabra, Hadar and so so many more! 


If it's available, we can get it! Passover 2020 begins on April 8. Place your orders as soon as possible. To see a complete list of products, click here 


Believe it or not, premium kosher products are made all over the world. We carry specialty products from Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Uraguay, and more.  


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