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Operating since 1955, Sampo Distributors, Inc. represents over fifty vendors throughout all segments of food service and retail, including meats, poultry, fish, dairy products, dry goods, baked goods, and grocery.



All of our kosher products boast both reliably certified seals of quality and kashrut. The Hebrew word for “kosher” means fit or proper, and applies to all food produced in accordance with the strictest of Jewish dietary regulations.

Owners, Isaac and Nancy Shlomo

So if you’re looking for meats or poultry or fresh fish cut to your specification, or domestic or imported cheeses or baked goods and pastries to dazzle your palate and clients, or deli items for your favorite trays and sandwiches… Sampo can get it!


You don't have the time for all the food preparations required in your eldercare residence or preschool? Sampo has ready-to-serve products to save you both time and money, that fulfill the nutritional requirements of both the young and old and tastes good too!


Or are you looking for kosher retail items as you set up a kosher department? From groceries to case ready meats and poultry, requiring regular weekly deliveries, we do that too!


Whatever your need, if it’s kosher, Sampo delivers!


And kosher food is needed.... as more people become health conscious and realize that choosing kosher certified food is not only a wise choice, but a healthy choice!


Our facility is located in McKees Rocks, just minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside and Mt. Lebanon enabling us to serve our Pittsburgh customers daily.  In addition, we regularly service Ohio, including Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown weekly. We also deliver to Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and Louisville... and can expand this service as more markets have the need.


As a full-service provider, we can help you organize and plan your menus and make recommendations for kosher offerings. Our experienced staff has over 20 years serving institutions, caterers, restaurants, delis, retail stores, organizations and butchers.

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